What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding can correct minor imperfections on the front of the teeth that would otherwise be difficult to correct. Bonding is long-lasting and durable, with most people having their bonding for upwards of 10 years. Once worn, bonding can be redone at your convenience to maintain a beautiful, full smile. Bonding is done efficiently in one visit in the office.

Why do you need Dental Bonding?

A dental exam is required to determine if dental bonding is right for you. Some of the reasons you may be advised to have bonding done include:

  • You have a small chip or fracture on a front tooth
  • You have gaps and spaces between teeth
  • You have short, “gummy” teeth
  • You have small cracks on the front of your teeth
  • You have staining and discoloration

Because of how durable and long-lasting dental bonding it, it can also be done for children, teens, and adults alike, with great results.

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Bonding?

If you are unhappy with your smile but want to avoid more invasive procedures, dental bonding is a great alternative. The procedure uses composite resin perfectly shaped to the fronts of your teeth, creating a full, beautiful smile that matches the rest of your dentition. Bonding requires little to no anesthesia, so it is relatively noninvasive in nature.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Bonding?

The composite resin used for the procedure is matched perfectly with the rest of your teeth. A bonding agent is applied to the teeth for better adhesion. Drs. Cynthia Chen or Chris Ching will then shape the resin to the tooth in a way that corrects the existing problem with the tooth. The composite resin material is then cured with a bright blue light. The vast majority of bonding can last for a decade or more with proper care and oral hygiene. It is important to still come in for routine dental appointments to check the bonding for any signs of wear and tear.
If you are interested in dental bonding, and feel you would benefit from this procedure, contact our office today so that we can be of further assistance to you.